Save up to $125 on an Armoire membership+ get a clean closet!

Armoire will pay for your shipping to send up to 10 lbs of your
unwanted clothes to our warehouse to be donated to Dress for Success. Plus, get HUGE savings on an Armoire Membership.
(Limit 1 shipment per person.)

How it works


Select one of the plans below to start our Style Quiz. Use the promo code at checkout to get your deal!


We’ll add a free shipping label to your account.


Send us up to 10 lbs worth of your unwanted (but high quality) styles and we'll do the rest!

(Limit 1 shipment per person)


Keep a few basics. Rent the rest.

Clothing rental gets personal

Armoire isn't just a clothing rental service. We combine data and fashion to curate a virtual closet based on your personal style and the latest trends. Save money, time, and closet space while discovering your favorite styles with an endless armoire, right at your fingertips.  

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Your closet could power her economic independence

We'll be donating any qualified items you send us to Dress for Success Seattle.

Prefer to donate directly? Clothing drop-offs are currently suspended, but you can make a monetary contribution here.


What Dress for Success is looking for

High quality, nearly new pieces

No pilling, cheap material, stains, damages, etc.

Pieces that are business staples

Stretchy slacks, blouses, blazers, jackets, nice jeans, nice sweaters, etc.

Business-focused brands

Think high quality workwear like

Eileen Fisher, Theory, Equipment

In Seattle? Drop off as many clothes as you’d like at Armoire Go

Stop by Armoire Go, our newly launched retail experience, and drop off any clothes you’d like to donate. No weight limit or restrictions!

(Note: Only one $10 reward or membership discount per person.)


How many items come in my case?

Our current plans allow you to choose 4, 6, or 7 items per case.
You're also able to upgrade to larger cases at any point.

How many cases do I get each month?

It's up to you! With our unlimited plan, you're welcome to exchange items every week if you like. Capsule plan members are eligible for a new case every 30 days. Unused exchanges always roll over to the next month on our Capsule plan.

How do I know what will fit?

Our algorithm suggests items that are “Curated for you” based on your fit and style preferences from the style quiz. Additionally, customer reviews are available for almost all items, and our personal stylists can assist you in finding items to fit your body type.

*Offer valid for new members only*

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